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Commercial Spices Grinder

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Commercial spices grinding machine as mentioned in a product name commercial spices grinding machine is used for commercial purpose in grinding of spices. This machine start from 3HP and 50HP depends on customers requirment and production you can grind coriander in one time, chilli in two times turmaric in three times and more depends on how much mesh you want and your spices are properly dried or not.


Gurukripa Masale

I purchased spices grinding machine for chili & Haldi from SR engineering their staff and service are nice heavy-duty machinery manufacturer



Yes Masale

I purchased an impact pulverizer of the best quality and price from SR engineering



Kamal robidas

Great machine manufacturer and service I purchased 400 kg per hour fully automatic suction machine & 2 more pulverizers for masala & chilli



Patel & sons

Best machine manufacturer and give full information about wrong and right related spices grinding machine like chili coriander & turmeric



Jd spices

Thanks for the best quality masala making machine & pulverizer at reasonable prices



Shree ram spices & besan manufacturing company

Nice machine manufacturer for pulverizer for chili coriander & turmeric , besan plant, daily grinder machine, and Ribbon blender



Kanha masale

Mene 30 hp ki machine li thi masale banane ke liye…4 Saal se use Kar rah hu koi samsaya nhi aayi badiya machine banate hai best prices. Sabhi masale nikal raha hun mirchi haldi dhaniya koi dikkat nhi


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Our Manufacturing team is expertise in manufacturing grinding machines and all types of spice pulverizers to make high quality, well blessed, and heavy duty machines to give customers a long service and lowest maintenance machines.

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30 hp Impact Pulverizer

50 hp Impact Pulverizer

100 hp Impact Pulverizer


Commercial Spices Grinder is also a type of pulverizer let’s get some knowledge about how your grinding pulverizer machine will work.

“Pulverizing” (comminution, crushing, grinding) is the process of applying an external force to a (solid) material of a certain size to destroy it and reduce it into pieces that are smaller than the original size. Pulverization has long been done for many materials, including ore, glass, ceramics, grains, paints, and medicines, spices like chili coriander turmeric & more.

Purpose of pulverization
The purpose of pulverization is to break any product in some Pericles.

Process of pulverization
Next, let us look at the process of pulverization.
The application of an external force cause a particle to elastically cracks occur at points where the stress limit of the particle is exceed. It is thought that the particle is destroyed by the propagation of cracks, completing pulverizing.

There are two types of particle destruction in the pulverization process, “surface grinding” and “volume grinding”.

Surface Grinding

In surface grinding, small pieces separate from a particle surface, gradually forming a large number of fine particles. The particle sizes during grinding often follow a bimodal distribution. In friction grinding, this surface grinding is dominant.

Volume Grinding

In the case of volume grinding, crushing occurs not at the particle surface but in the whole part. The article is broken up into several pieces, and this process continues until the particle turns into fine particles. Volume grinding is dominant in compression pulverization and impact pulverization.

Mechanism of pulverization

The external force applied to particles can be roughly divided into three types, “impact”, “shear”, and “friction”. The actual pulverizer mechanism is complicated. Instead of a single type of external force, several types may act on a particle at the same time.
In addition, the process is affected in a complicated way by the physical properties of the pulverized material, the pulverization environment, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to clearly explain the pulverization process. Below is a model of force acting on a solid.

What is the difference between “pulverization” and “crushing”?

Various words are used for “pulverizing” and “crushing” in English, and their usage varies among the types of industry and people.
When referring to pulverization in a broad sense, “size reduction” is often used, and when it is used for transforming a solid into small pieces, “comminuting” is often used. In a narrow sense “grinding” is used (also referred to as friction grinding. “Grinding” refers to pulverization in the area of finer particle size (crushing of fine particles) and may be distinguished from crushing. Besides these, “milling”, etc. are also used.
When saying “cracking into pieces”, “crushing” may be used. “Crushing” refers to pulverization in the region where the particle size of the crushed material is relatively large (the maximum particle size is 1 mm or more).

Pulverization 2: Pulverization method and pulverizer

Types of pulverizers

The particle size that can be reduced by a single machine differs depending on the pulverizer. For this reason, several pulverizers are often used in series.

There are also a wide variety of pulverization methods, such as continuous pulverization versus batch pulverization (batch type) and dry pulverization (dry milling or grinding) versus wet pulverization (wet milling or grinding). It is important to select a pulverizer suitable for the purpose, taking into account the type and size of the material to be pulverized (object to be pulverized), the target particle size, the conditions, etc.

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